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    seba1983 Guest

    Default Re: Making Black/Red Deck

    and dont forget that the gatekeeper for instance doubles up as spell and creature

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    Default Re: Making Black/Red Deck

    I got the Gatekeeper and Vampire Nighthawk like you suggested and the other day had a 3 person magic game. I have to say, the extra 2 creatures really helps and I am quite enjoying the deck. The only color I have trouble with is a green rush though, it generates mana very quickly to play the big creatures with trample or shroud. But I worked out a sideboard that I think might help me in that situation. I think I just sub in 3 mind shatter for the sign in blood and take out either 3 Kalastria Highborn or 3 lands (although it might not be a good idea) for 3 Basilisk Collar. Maybe put in 3 Duress for something as well, haven't figured it all out yet, but I will be play testing shorty to see the results.

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    Default Re: Making Black/Red Deck

    Against Green decks I find that discard is a really good option and you really have to play to your advantage. Might even look at Diabolic Tutor which will get you what you need when you need it. Sideboard in Death Mark and Doomblade and just get more removal in your hand.



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