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    Default MBS UB Control Deck Type II Standard

    Lands - 24

    7 Island
    5 Swamp
    4 Creeping Tar Pit
    4 Darkslick Shores
    4 Drowned Catacomb

    Planeswalkers - 4
    4 Jace, the Mind Sculptor

    Creatures - 8
    4 Grave Titan
    4 Sea Gate Oracle

    Spells - 24
    2 Gruesome Encore
    4 Mana Leak
    2 Cancel
    4 Doom Blade
    4 Go for the Throat
    2 Inquisition of Kozilek
    3 Black Sun's Zenith
    2 Blue Sun's Zenith
    1 Spreading Seas

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    Default Re: MBS UB Control Deck Type II Standard

    Being U/B I have a few comments :

    Grave Titan as a 4 of is to many you need him later and when you cast him you should have control of the game.

    You have 2 Inquisition but no Duress? I would run 3 Inq and 1 Duress.

    Please add in Tectonic Edge as at least a 3 of and go ahead and drop the 1 Spreading Seas.

    You have way to much removal in the deck 8 spot removal and 3 BSZ? I could see splitting GFtT and Doomblade as 2 and 2 and droping the Zenith to 2 of, the Zenith's shuffle back in so they create there own card advantage.

    USZ this card is in my opinion worse than Jace's Ingenuity (Instant) and really I would almost rather have Preordain instead because when your looking for an answer Preordain looks at cards and lets you ditch them if they are not needed.

    Gruesome Encore is just what it says..... Gruesome if you want to take control of something I would rather be running Volition Reins because then you can take whatever you want and usually it's going to be a late game card anyhow.

    I would suggest mainboarding Memoricide it's awesome and by the time you wanna cast it you already know what you don't want to see from an opponent.

    Need to up your land count by 1-2.

    Counters I would suggest maybe also looking into Spell Pierce that card is amazing right now.



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