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    Default R/W Metalcraft Deck

    Here's my Metalcraft Deck revised. As I dropped a color, I thought it appropriate to start a new thread for it.

    White (14)
    Auriok sunchaserx2
    Salvage Scoutx2
    Sanctum Gargolye
    Glint Hawk
    Auriok Edgewight

    Whitesun's Passagex2
    Soul Parry
    Dispense Justice
    Seize the initiative

    Red (17)
    Goblin Gaveleer
    Blade-Tribe Beserkersx2
    Vulshok Heartstokerx2

    Galvanic Blastx3
    Arc Trail
    Flame Slashx4
    Molten Psychex4

    Artifacts (11)
    Gold Myrx2
    Iron Myrx2
    Perilous Myrx2

    Luxodon Warhammer
    Bladed Pinions
    Spidersilk Net x2
    Accorder's Shield

    Lands (20)
    Great Furnace x4
    Mountain x6
    Ancient Den x4
    Plains x6

    No sideboard as I'm not much of one for them (and tend to forget about it too ...) The Deck only seems a little lopsided for mana. I rarely have had trouble getting the type I need (especially after revising it). Having the 0 cost artifacts usually proves a boon as it is still easy to get them out and they are great for when I want to play the Glinthawk.

    Definitely there are some cards that need more than one copy and would improve the deck in their multiplicity.

    Considering adding Balefire Lieges as they will make my few creatures stronger and give my spells some extra teeth.
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    Default Re: R/W Metalcraft Deck

    What about, what';s it called, Boros Signet or Garrison. My brother says they would work better.

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    Default Re: R/W Metalcraft Deck

    Garrison, not signet.



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