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    Default best jund cards mtg

    What are the best jund cards in magic

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    Default Re: best jund cards mtg

    since jund is only played in standard i will stick with those, otherwise the list of good cards that are any combination of red, black and green is a little too long.

    bloodbraid elf
    mealstrom pulse
    broodmate dragon
    lightning bolt
    putrid leach
    butimous blast
    great stable stag
    sprouting thrinax

    thats pretty much the jund decklist already but all cards they play are ealy good.

    alternatives could be

    resounding thunder
    madrush cyclopse
    hypnotic specter

    other cards see play too but that is mostly sidebord material. some of the cards above can be relageted to sidebord too such as

    great stable stag

    some of the cards are usualy only played 3 times instead of 4. with cards like broodmate dragon that is because 3 are simply enough. cards like maelstrom puls soemtimes pop up as 4 main, sometimes only 3 main and sometimes 3 main and 1 sideboard.

    jund as such is no fixed concept (ok it is in standard at the moment). all jund says is that you play green, red and black ...

    if your looking fo a casual deck then the normal jund build for standard is probably not what you want because it is pretty expensive. especialy the mana base with usualy 8 duals from magic 2010 and 4 fetchlands + pulse, broodmate and garruk its not what i would call a budget deck ...



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