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    ok. seriously ? not good. i will tell you why i think that.

    1. you can only ever play 1 card per turn with this deck.

    2. you can not disrupt your opponent other than with tabernacle and dustbowl. tabernacle will not stop the opponent enough if you do not denie them mana. ok dustbowl does just that but at the cost of your 1 card you can paly per turn effectively putting you on 0 netto cards per turn. i think its pretty obvious why that is a bad thing.

    3. tabernacle is legendary. it does nothing against creature light decks and then you have 4 cards that do nothing and that you cant even lay down.

    4. you cant activate your man-lands. yeah i know you actualy can but for most you need a second of the same land befor it can do anything for you. that's asking for not doing anything turn after turn.

    5. Svogthos, the Restless Tomb ??? you will never have any creature in your grave other then max. 4 dryards. normaly it will be more like 2 in midgame. 5 mana per turn for a 2/2 ??? come on your kidding right ?

    6. dark depth gives you a 20/20 flying indestructable. ok that's cool but lets check what turn you will get this token in your deck.

    turn 4 you can remove the first counter.
    turn 7 you can remove 2 counters
    turn 10 you can remove 3 counters

    so doing the math you get the token on turn 10 the earlyest. now in casual that might just be ok but your not doing anything (includeing putting down a tabernacle because it produces no mana) until turn 10. exactly against who do you think this will win ???

    seriously his deck is awful. the idear of a deck that wins by useing its lands is pretty old tried, tested and realy powerful. man-lands are creatuers that can not be countered, survive wrath of god and so on. not as old as the general concept of wining with lands is the idear of not just your creatures but virtualy all of your spells being lands instead because the are reusable, uncounterable etc. the idear was then formed into a deck called 43lands because it plays 43 lands. it a legacy deck where the presence of force of will turns blue in general and control or controlish stuff in specific into a force to be recond with. the idear was to dodge all of the blue control that sees play in legacy, namely thresh and landstill.

    now that deck does not play 60 lands and for good reason. the 17 spells it plays do not realy do anything but help the lands do thier job:

    4 x Exploration
    4 x Manabond

    4 x Life from the Loam
    3-4 x Gamble - finds l.f.t.l. and it does not matter what you discard since its either the loam (wich has dredge) or a land (and we have loam in hand to get that back).

    then you have some slots left for stuff like Mulch

    the lands played differ in in some ways to the ones you play. first off we need red and green mana so they play the g/r dual and some fetches to find them. also a basic forest is added.

    next the tabernacle is reduced to 1 and 4 Maze of Ith and 2 Barbarian Ring are used as additional removal. since we will return a lot of lands from the graveyard Wasteland is huge in this deck. since we dredge in the process Nantuko Monastery is used together with mishras factory and treetop village to kill. g/w duals are added for the monastrys. also a single Riftstone Portal fixes not only your mana but allows you mazes and tabernacle to produce any mana at all ^^.

    for card draw cycle lands in red and/or green are played. they are mostly used to dreadge the loam play it to get the cycle land and two others back and repeat. that way your dropping a lot of land at the end of turn with manabond. effectivly you "drew" something like 2-6 cards extra per turn.

    to aid the mana denial of wasteland the rishadan ports are also played. sometimes fun lands such as Nomad Stadium or Glacial Chasm are played as 1-offs.


    now the above deck is a finely tuned tournament deck and yours looks like it was ment for casual. some adjustments should be made. non-basics do apear in casual but they are not like 90% of all lands played. so wasteland get cutt for the dustbowls you were useing. a single gargoyl castle can be fun but you need no more than that. you will eventualy find it with the dreadge and can replay it again and again. casual games are also a lot slower and take a lot longer. hence some method of not dieing to lack of library could be included.

    its a very good deck that has a fresh angle towards how the game is played. and please dont say something like yeah but the cards you sudgest cost too much. you wanted to play the deck with 4 (4!!!) tabernacle. a single one of those costs more than all the cards i sudgested together



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