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    Default most expensive mtg deck

    What is the most expensive magic deck?

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    Default Re: most expensive mtg deck

    take your pick of any vintage deck with a few exceptions. tez, grim long, oath, landstill, stax, workshop agro etc. with most decks you start of with an almost complet power 9 thats over 2500$ then you add the duals and fetches that about 400$. on top of that you will allmost always have a playset of force of will (100+$). many run mana drain (250+$). on top of that some additional expensive lands (workshop, library, bazzar) between 150 and 900$. sometimes some expensive single cards like impirial seal, time vault, illusionary mask etc. 100-250 $. finaly fill up with a series of stapels like demonic turor, yawgmoth will, lotus petal, strip mine, toerian academy, mana vault, mana crypt and sol ring all in all another 50-100 $.

    at this point you have a pretty generic vintage deck. from that point you could go oath of druids, forbidden orchad, akroma, hellkite overlord or you could go painters servant, grindstone etc. turning your deck into an actual deck from the more or less generic vintage template will usually add another 50-200$

    so basicly you looking at something in the range of 3500-5000+$

    now that might be the reason that so few people play vintage ... funniely enough the vintage players mostly will rather not have a chance to play thier format than allow new players to easiely get access of the cards needed ... strange people ...



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