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    Default when you win a magic tourney how much money do you get

    how much money do you get when you win a magic tourney

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    Default Re: when you win a magic tourney how much money do you get

    in most cases non. there are very few tournaments that give out money. namely the protour and the grand prix tournaments.

    when you count travle cost and the cost of the cards to always play the best possible deck + all other potential decks to train etc. in order to reach the level of play needed you already need to actualy win about 2 grand prix just to break even. even the best player of all times (kai budde) did not win enough money to realy live of this money alone.

    so basicly 99% of the time tournaments dont give out money. even if you are one of the gifted few to play protour regularly you will still not be able to make a liveing off it. those people who live of magic have a good source of money such as sponsoring, author for magic articles etc. a solid education is key to be able to do such a thing.

    playing magic alone is not nearly enough



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