Damo da Rosa Kicks Off the Summer With a Win at Pro Tour—San Juan

Hundreds of Magic fans vie for a place in Magic history and enjoy previews of multiplayer formats on tap this summer

Today Wizards of the Coast announced Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa from Porto Alegre, Brazil as the winner of Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour—San Juan. Damo da Rosa battled his way to the top through nearly 400 players competing for the honor of being this year’s second Pro-Tour Champion.

The top eight players from the Pro Tour—San Juan tournament include:

1. Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa from Porto Alegre, Brazil
2. Guillaume Matignon from Bordeaux, France
3. Andrea Giarola from Milan, Italy
4. Noah Swartz from Highland Park, IL
5. Josh Utter-Leyton from Rohnert Park, CA
6. Brad Nelson from Fargo, ND
7. Koutarou Ootsuka from Kobuchi, Japan
8. Jeremy Neeman from Canberra, Australia


Pro Tour—San Juan was a three-day tournament where players from around the world gathered to test their skills. In addition to the main competition, Magic fans of all ages and skill levels enjoyed an extensive public event schedule, including a Planechase version of Massive Magic and previews of the new multiplayer offering, Archenemy.

The Magic Pro Tour is the highest form of competitive play for the collectible trading card game. It is a series of top-level tournaments held throughout the world and run by the Wizards of the Coast Organized Play division. The next stop on the professional circuit is Pro Tour—Amsterdam, September 3-5, 2010.

About Magic: The Gathering

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