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Thread: dredge deck

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    seba1983 Guest

    Default dredge deck

    here's a deck i alsways felt should be buildable but never realy could figure out how. not until someone stubled accross the eidolons at least ^^. i tried it and whist it may still need that final finetuneing it realy rocks. what do you think of it ?

    Lands 20
    6 Forest
    6 Swamp
    1 Simic Growth Chamber
    1 Golgari Rot Farm
    4 Terramorphic Expanse
    1 Dimir Aqueduct
    1 Island

    Creatures 26
    4 Shambling Shell
    2 Enigma Eidolon
    4 Verdant Eidolon
    4 Wild Mongrel
    4 Entropic Eidolon
    4 Stinkweed Imp
    4 Vampire Hounds

    Other Spells 14
    2 Traitor's Clutch
    1 Ray of Revelation
    1 Raven's Crime
    4 Deep Analysis
    4 Mulch
    1 Grim Harvest
    1 Crippling Fatigue

    im considering -1 crippeling fartigue - 1 ray of revalation for some more carddraw or something ... fartigue and ray can be very relavant though. not sure if moments peace should be in there. also there is nothing i can do against crypt / relic other than ancient grudge and play smart ... may be worldwake will bring a more solid solution there ... any thoughts ?

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    seba1983 Guest

    Default Re: dredge deck

    dont you love it when you spend month giveing assistance, try hard to make a comunity grow and discuss topics of interest to otheres at length and when you wish to discuss something no one cares ... magic in general and this forum in particular continue to disapoint me again and again ...

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    guyarney is offline Uncommon
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    Default Re: dredge deck

    We all have those moments.

    As for the deck, i'm not knowledgeable enough to know whether this is better or worse than any other dredge deck, otherwise I'd help you out.



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