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    Default mtg best colour in legacy

    what is the best color in legacy?

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    Default Re: mtg best colour in legacy

    blue by far. i have 3 words to go with that: force of will. the second best counter of all times by itself makes blue very strong. when you add daze, brainstorm, ponder, counterbalance, stifle, fact or fiction, counterspell, deep analisys, standstill, spell snare, blue elemental blast, hydroblast etc. on top of these card wich are generaly awsome meerfolks have been doing realy well and thats mono-blue. on top of that many multicolred cards that see a lot of play include blue such as meddling mage, tygon predator, fire/ice or crystalin sliver etc.

    you can also see blues dominance when you look at the prices of the dual lands. as soon as its an island-something it will be worth a good amount more.



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