if you want to write a primer for a deck go right ahead. there are a few "rules" that you should stick to:

1. lable your thread correctly. "primer - type - [deckname]"

prmier is just that word so people know at first glance that a deck is explained here.

type needs to contain the format this deck is for. also it need to contain one of the following lables:

- tier 1. for all decks that have won multible large (50 players +) tournaments and have proven to be among the best.

- tier 2. all decks that have not had as much success as the tier one decks but have proven they can win in the right meta and with the right player.

- rouge. for all decks that can win but mostly because no one will be expacting them. a rouge deck must not have actualy won anything though you should make sure it actualy could.

on top of that there are several things you thread must include:

- a decklist

- an explanation for the cards played

- an explanation of how the deck is played

also some stuff like this would be nice:

- history of the deck

- alternative card choices

- matchup analysis

primers that do not follow these rules will be deleted or moved to the casual section.