Good coverage here of the 2009 World Championships held recently:

Heavyweights : Daily MTG : Magic: The Gathering

quote from the article:

During the team rounds I had the opportunity to watch Li playing Legacy against Sebastian Thaler. The German player opened Game 1 with an Ancient Tomb, Mox Diamond (discarding City of Traitors), and Trinisphere. Li had to read all of the cards that Sebastian played except for the Mox. He also read the Smokestack that came down a turn later, but he quickly put everything together and scooped it up and managed to win Games 2 and 3 thanks to Æther Vial and some heinously big Wake Thrashers. It was an impressive performance that did not see Li get flummoxed by the disparity in experience between himself and the former Rookie of the Year, or by not recognizing a staple Legacy card like Smokestack. What I found impressive was the rapidity with which Li understood what was going on, when he should not waste any more time playing a game that he was locked out of, and the fluidity of his sideboarding with little doubt—or consultation with his teammates.
What do you think about the decks used there?