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    seba1983 Guest

    Default vintage proxi tournament - thoughts ?

    vintage can be very very expensive. to compensate for otherwise too low player numbers some tournaments allow you to play a certain number of proxies.

    what do you think of that ? should you only be allowed to play with cards you actualy have or do you think proxies are a good thing because it allows more people to play formats they otherwise never could ?

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    Default Re: vintage proxi tournament - thoughts ?

    Yeah I think you should be allowed to play with proxies like you said otherwise many players wouldnt be able to build a good deck for it)

    Of course the number of proxies should be smaill like for example maximum of 8 per deck? How many proxies currently do tournies allow is there a rule for that?

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    Default Re: vintage proxi tournament - thoughts ?

    The thing is that vintage tournaments are unsanctioned, so proxies are allowed. The exact number is up to the organiser, but it's generally somewhere between 10 - 15. Some may allow more (some even allow unlimited proxies), some may allow less, some won't allow them at all.
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    seba1983 Guest

    Default Re: vintage proxi tournament - thoughts ?

    vintage can be sanctioned but then you cant allow any proxies ... good luck finding your minmum 8 players in that case on a lokal level tough ^^.

    8 proxies does not realy solve te problem. sure only 8 of the power 9 see play regularly (only a single deck plays time twister). with 8 proxies (and the tez deck as an example) your still looking at needing stuff like librabry of alexandria, timevault, 4 x mana drain etc. thoses allone are about 700 $ with the rest summing up to about another 600 i would say. most people do not have that budget so they are forced to choose thier deck dictated by budged once more ... when you still have that restriction you could just leave away the proxies since you can play chrismas beating or ichorid for about 700-800 $ anyway.



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