Chiba, Japan Hosts the World’s Best Magic Players

December 7, 2010—The 2010 Magic: The Gathering World Championships is the culmination of the Magic year. Players from more than 50 countries will come together in Chiba, Japan December 9-12, to square off for the coveted title of “World Champion”.

The event is also open to the public and Wizards of the Coast invites local fans and friends to experience an array of onsite activities including public tournaments, meet and greets with Magic creator Richard Garfield, Champion Challenge, Pro Tour Hall of Fame inductions, the 2010 Magic Online Championship, and much more.

Unable to attend? Watch the Top 8 Webcast on Saturday, December 11 at 8:45pm ET. The webcast will be streamed live via

WHAT: Magic: The Gathering 2010 World Championships
WHEN: December 9-12, 2010
Visit the 2010 Magic World Championships web site
WHERE: Chiba, Japan

Makuhari Messe Convention Center
2-1, Nakase
Mihama-ku, Chiba-city, 261-0023


Magic: The Gathering is the first and most widely played trading card game. Players take on the role of Planeswalkers – powerful mages who battle others for glory, knowledge and conquest. Their weapons include spells, creatures and artifacts gathered from a vast multiverse of unique fantasy worlds. With over 10,000 different cards available, Magic offers an unrivaled depth of game play with many levels of choice and customization for its players. The cards feature unique illustrations by top fantasy artists inspired by familiar elements of myth and legend. These elements weave together to provide a strategically rich and satisfying game play experience. Whether in the competitive arena or participating in a local Magic event, there is always an opportunity to shine.