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    seba1983 Guest

    Default Hamburg Pauper Liga

    Saturday is drawing closer. on that day is not only halloween but it will also see the start of the pauper liga in hamburg. i expect a decent turnout for the little knowen format (about 15 people).

    i plan on takeing my palor tricks deck because i know it by heart and so will probably play it better than any other. i also plan on takeing affinity blue, token rock and my freshly build harrow-zoo just in case someone once to join last minute but has no deck ^^.

    i hope all goes smothely. i will keep you posted wether you want to or not ^^. i just want to keep promoting this fantastic format that anyone can play because decks cost as little as 5$ and are still amazingly powerful.

    on that note i'm taking my palor tricks deck to a samll lockal legacy tournament tomorrow. many decks there are not realy legacy stuff more homebrew randomness and almost no goyfs / force but a good number still show up with viable legacy decks so it will be fun batteing with my 5$ deck against thier 400+$ decks. makes winning so much sweeter and yes i do have real chances at beating legacy decks.

    a quick side note on the harrow-zoo. i just threw that together this evening. its your basic kind of zoo with nacatle, kirdape, bolt, firebalst etc. but on top of that i'm trying to use the synergy between steppe lynx, plated geoped and harrow ... with terramorpic expanse thats up to power 8 or 9 heading your way ... sound solid on paper but not tested yet.

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    Default Re: Hamburg Pauper Liga

    Good luck!

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    seba1983 Guest

    Default Re: Hamburg Pauper Liga

    thank you

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    seba1983 Guest

    Default Re: Hamburg Pauper Liga

    just did some testplays with the harrow-zoo against goldfish ... turn 4 attack with a 10/9 trample steppe lynx

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    Default Re: Hamburg Pauper Liga

    Whats the prize?

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    seba1983 Guest

    Default Re: Hamburg Pauper Liga

    its just getting started son nothing too special. theres a 3$ staring fee and the top 3 players will get all the starting fees split among them as vouchers for the cardshop we play at.

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    seba1983 Guest

    Default Re: Hamburg Pauper Liga

    the first tournament is over and the dust has settelt.

    12 players showed up. that a decent number for tournaments arround here where your usualy FNM usualy has 12-16 people playing.

    there were 10 diffrent decks at the event here's a breakdown:


    R/G - beats
    White weeny
    G/W Sliver (twice, one with a blue splash, one without)
    Burn (twice, one with a black splash, one without)
    ohzov agro


    U/B - faery/ninja control
    Parlor Tricks


    G/B - Tourtured Existance
    Deep Dog

    so agro seemed the defining force. after 4 rounds of play it was MBC that went 4-0 undefited with Tortured Existance makeing the second spot.

    all in all it was good fun. with about 1/6 of the field being burn parlor tricks was not the best pick though ... not sure what i'll be playing next time. the next tournament is saturday in 2 weeks.

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    seba1983 Guest

    Default Re: Hamburg Pauper Liga

    tomorrow we will have the second tournament i will keep you updated on how it went



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