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    Default Draft

    What are some of the good commons and uncommons to keep an eye out for in Zendikar for a draft tonight??

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    Default Re: Draft

    I think Brave the Elements is a good uncommon for white deck

    and Guul Draz Vampire good common for black deck

    and Kraken Hatchling good common for blue deck

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    Default Re: Draft

    anything removal obviously. disfigure, burst lightning, giant scorpion, hidious end, spire barrage or torcxh slinger are all very playable. black and red also spot a lot of very agressiv creatures, vapire lacerator, plated gigaped, bladedusk boar, cryp ripper (basicly a common spoiler) all good cards.

    black red is not the only playable archetype however. it is probably the strongest. personaly i think a green / blue landfall deck is interesting. if you get some mill crabs passed its worth trying. landfall is pretty poor if you dont go into that theme strongly so usualy you get passed a lot if no one else is trying to draft that (usualy no one will). you get nice stompy creatures great mill that can win with the 40 card deck people play and decent utility.



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