Next week's MTGO Heirloom tournament will be on 10/09/10(Saturday) at 11AM pacific standard time (LA, California, USA time).

This is a link to go to for all of your Heirloom questions, it has tons of links to most everything about the format: The MTG Heirloom Menagerie: Heirloom Links

Depending on how things go I'd like to run one Sunday event for every two Saturday events. I sense atm that about twice as many people can't play on Sunday as on Saturday and so this seems like a good compromise to proportionately satisfy the Heirloom community. Thanks guys and feel free to comment about the new scheduling with suggestions, support or criticism. The event after that would be on 10/09/10 the following Saturday.

Join the chat channel by typing /join Heirloom in a chat channel on MTGO. (This is also the default channel for Heirloom chat in general)

Each Participant will recieve 2 relevant Heirloom foils(from a varied selection of your choice) for playing(at least three rounds). The winner will get 6 tix second place will recieve 4 tix and third and fourth 2 tix as well as more prizes to be awarded just for participation to be decided later. (These are minimum prize amounts, I may increase them, if I do I will let everyone know after the event begins or shortly beforehand)

The event is swiss, so you will play until the end of the event, a minimum of 3 rounds, but up to five.

I will be online at least a couple hours before to answer questions about legalities and whatever other details people have questions about.

I hope to see a ton of people there. The more show up the more I'll give away in prizes.

The tournament is free to enter.

(If you drop out of the event you forfeit your chance at the foil participation choice and whatever else I give out as participation awards that day)

You must have a deck that is Heirloom classic legal (60 cards minimum, 15 or zero sideboard cards).

If someone tells me you are playing with an illegal card and I confirm it you will first get a warning and then have 10 minutes to switch the card out of your deck and you will lose that game. The second time you will get a match loss and the third time you will be uninvited from the tournament.

If it appears you are flagrantly not following Heirloom rules I will reserve the right to uninvite you from the tournament at any time.

If you are particularly rude or insulting to other players I reserve the right to uninvite you from the tournament.

If you time out of a game because of 10 minutes of inactivity I reserve the right to uninvite you from the tournament.

If you are persistently stalling I reserve the right to uninvite you from the tournament.

If you are uninvited from the tournament you forfeit your right to a chance at the door prize (2 tix to one or more participant who did not win another prize chosen at random)

I cannot win or displace prizes if I play in the event. (which I will often do to make the event even so that there are no byes and not do if it would create an odd number) I will often jump into and back out of the event to prevent byes, my deck will remain the same througout an event of course.

My screename on MTGO is Xaoslegend, look me up for questions, comments , discussion or games any time.