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    Default Scars of Mirrodin Prerelease info

    Go to the Scars of Mirrodin Prerelease and experience the newest Magic: The Gathering set a week before it goes on sale! Play, trade, spend time with friends, and win cool prizes. Play in any tournament and receive an exclusive Wurmcoil Engine promo card (while supplies last)!

    Where Can I Play?

    Prereleases are happening worldwide the weekend of September 25-26! Check out our tournament locator to find an event near you.

    Regional Prerelease Tournaments

    Wizards of the Coast will be sponsoring Regional Prerelease Tournaments in certain locations around the world. Regional Prereleases offer larger, festival-like events for players with additional attractions such as single-card dealers, artist signings, and Champion Challenge.* Celebrate the new set any way you want!

    * Attractions vary according to location. Check with your local Regional Prerelease organizer for specific details.

    What Happens There?

    Scars of Mirrodin Prerelease Tournaments are Sealed Deck format. Each player receives 6 Scars of Mirrodin booster packs to build a deck. The tournaments are run using Swiss rounds with a minimum of four rounds per event. (Tournaments with only 8 players may run three rounds.)

    Some events may be run using a modified Swiss-style structure and/or single-elimination rounds. Contact your local Prerelease Tournament organizer for specific details.

    What Do I Get?

    Wizards of the Coast provides 2 Scars of Mirrodin boosters per tournament participant for the overall prize pool. Each participant will receive 1 Wurmcoil Engine promo card and 1 Launch Party flier (while supplies last)

    Contact your local Prerelease Tournament organizer for specific entry fee, prize payout, and event information

    What Else Can I Do?

    In addition to the main Prerelease Tournament event, some locations may offer additional public events. Other product mixes are allowable as long as each player in the event receives the same number and type of packs.

    Open Dueling Open Dueling is a casual format primarily for players not participating in the main Prerelease Tournament. Open Dueling players receive 1 Scars of Mirrodin Intro Pack chosen at random and 1 Wurmcoil Engine promo card (while supplies last). Open Dueling players play against other Open Dueling participants as well as main tournament players who are between matches. After an Open Dueling participant has played five matches, upon confirmation of the results by the event organizer that player will receive one complimentary booster pack provided by the organizer as a prize.

    Team Events Playing with friends as a team is a fun and exciting way to enjoy Magic. For Two-Headed Giant events, the recommended product mix is 8 Scars of Mirrodin booster packs per team.

    Booster Draft Players participating in a Booster Draft event should each receive 3 Scars of Mirrodin booster packs.

    Sealed Deck Each player in a Sealed Deck event will receive 6 Scars of Mirrodin booster packs to build a deck.

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    Default Re: Scars of Mirrodin Prerelease info

    State/Province City Location Address Artist Champion Challenge Contact phone
    Alberta Calgary Radisson Hotel Airport Calgary 2120 - 16th Ave NE Brian David-Marshall 403-851-8893
    British Columbia Burnaby BCIT Student Association Building Bldg SE2 - 3700 Willingdon Avenue rk post Jeff Cunningham 778-668-5005
    Ontario Toronto Best Western Primrose Hotel 111 Carlton Street 905-720-3377
    Quebec Montreal Salle St-Arsene (sous-Sol) 1025 Belanger Est Matt Stewart Jasar Elarar 514-272-1984
    Santiago Facultad de Ingeniería Universidad Diego Portales Ejército #441
    Distrito Federal Mexico City Hotel El Diplomático Av. Insurgentes sur 1105
    London Royal National Hotel Bedford Way Tim Willoughby, Richard Hagon 07958 224084
    California Burlingame San Francisco Airport Marriott 1800 Old Bayshore Highway 650-224-5313
    California Los Angeles Radisson Hotel at LAX 6225 W Century Blvd Dan Scott Evan Erwin 505-720-8249
    Colorado Denver American Inn 10101 I-70 Service Rd North, Wheat Ridge Mike Turian/Nate Heiss 303-284-9566
    Florida Orlando Phoenix Games 873 Good Homes Road Scott Larabee 407-668-4920
    Georgia Atlanta Super Games Inc 11060 Alpharetta Hwy, #134 407-668-4920
    Illinois Chicago Chicago Marriott Northwest 4800 Hoffman Boulevard - Hoffman Estates Rob Alexander Mark Purvis 847-470-9636
    Kansas Overland Park Overland Park Convention Center 6000 College Blvd 913-208-6695
    Maryland Baltimore University of Maryland, Baltimore County UMBC 1000 Hilltop Circle, University Center, 3rd Flr Vance Kovacs Adam Styborski 301-881-3530
    Massachusetts Boston Charlestown Knights of Columbus Hall 75 West School St Ryan Pancoast/Eric Deschamps Darwin Kastle/Justin Gary 617-666-5799
    Minnesota Burnsville Misty Mountain North 2113 W Burnsville Pkwy Brian Kibler 952-895-1989
    New York New York St. Michael's Church 424 West 34th St 212-633-6320
    Ohio Columbus Greater Columbus Convention Center 400 North High Street 877-913-8881
    Pennsylvania Philadelphia PA Convention Center 1101 Arch St 800-852-2442
    Texas Houston The Westin Galleria 5060 West Alabama Charles John Urbach 713-569-3936
    Virginia Richmond Greater Richmond Convention Center 401 North 3rd Street Zac Hill 540-767-4263
    Washington Bellevue Meydenbauer Center 11100 NE 6th Street Aaron Forsythe 503-764-9871

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