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With the addition of Rock Band (1 and 2) and Guitar Hero: World Tour to the Music Simulation scene, real band possibilities have come to light. We of Rarity Guide have decided to share our experiences of rocking out with everyone so that anyone can really get into the game and understand how to play this game like a real rock star.

Games get many different kinds of guides and it is our intention to write and illustrate this guide as best possible. Some changes may be made on your end to accommodate your age/space restrictions

Getting started:

Arrange your instruments:

A full set of instruments takes a good bit of space, especially the drums, and they need to arranged so everyone can see the TV. This part is best left to the owner of the set, but guest (with some bribery) can rearrange so suit their style and needs. The owner also usually knows the space restrictions and will have experience managing all the various pieces and most likely arranged them to consider for optimal viewing experience of each person. The owner, like a band manager, has final say on who is playing what, what song, souls needed and where the person is standing. Never argue with the owner, as they are known to have hidden weapons or sport equipment they use to "negotiate" with unruly band members.
Number of People playing: 2 minimum, 4 per song max. No honest max
Knowing whoís going to play, wants to play and will play and how youíre going to manage all of that is the first step. At most, 4 people can play each set/song as 2 guitarists, 1 drummer and 1 singer.

Lead Guitarist: Ego Rating: Russia

You are the egoist, or at least something like it, like a megalomaniac, but who cares? People come to hear you play, second only to the singer, and who cares about that lazy fellow anyways? Itís your shredding that makes up a huge portion of the song so itís only right to feel this way.

While playing you are expected to be quite energetic. Itís your hands doing all the work and the strap means you donít have to actually hold the guitar. Head bang, jump around, swing the guitar anywhere your arms can reach. This is especially important during any solo because everyone is looking you at you and you are a rock star. Itís perfectly acceptable to smash the guitar when you shatter your previous records on those incredibly difficult songs. Anything you can take out with the guitar is bonus points and will result in a rousing beat down to celebrate such an occasion. Taking out the TV is frowned upon only because spares are more expensive. Remember, smashed or burning guitars do sound better than their intact or non-combusted brethren.

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