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    Default wii with 40 games at cvs

    I was at cvs pharmacy today and I see a wii with 40 games is that a new type of wii

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    Default Re: wii with 40 games at cvs

    Am guessing you are talking about the Zone 40 gaming system... Not a wii, more of an imitation...

    Might be good for its price, but I think its better to save up and just buy a wii

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    Default Re: wii with 40 games at cvs

    I agree, for a certain price maybe fun to have, but sometimes it might look like a duck or sound like a duck but it isn't. Opinion: you are that many dollars closer to owning a wii.
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    Default Re: wii with 40 games at cvs

    Dont buy anything dodgy like that, those consoles are (usually) worthless, If you want a wii, wait for a few months. The X-box 360, and PS3 has gutten price cuts, It would be sensible for nintendo to drop the price to 200, or even 150, since the wii is not worth only 50 more then those consoles.

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    Default Re: wii with 40 games at cvs

    A friend of mine bought one of these. I asked him how it is he said it is some nice casual fun for him and the rest of the family (he is not really a gamer).

    Hard core gamers are definetly not going to buy this console.

    I think the target audience for this are:

    - Families who want some very gaming time together
    - Very casual gamers
    - Those looking for cheap gifts for a gamer
    - Kids who mistake this system for a Wii because it looks similar

    Anyway point is it might be nice for the (very) casual gamer as long as you know what you are getting and thats its NOT a wii and not even close to the capabilities of a wii
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    Default Re: wii with 40 games at cvs

    Nothing new in this concept; As long as I've known, there have always been systems with built in games that just hook up to the TV and are less advanced (and cheaper) then "real" systems. I agree with klicker, these are not for the hardcore gamers.



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