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    Default Midnight Releases

    Ever considered going to one of those gaming Midnight Releases? For example Wrath of the Lich King is coming out soon for World of Warcraft, wonder how it is like to be standing in line at midnight? than be sure to read this article:


    Once in a while, Video Game companies or Video Game retailers decide to do a Midnight Release. Hardly a foreign concept to anyone, it does merit at least a little attention. Throughout my tenure as a Gamer, I’ve attended a few Midnight Releases, both to see what they’re like and specifically for the game. Much like any other Midnight release, the crowd will be made up of people who are fans of the game. Sometimes people will dress up for these events, much like at a Con or a movie opening at midnight. Guaranteed though is that you’ll be able to talk to anyone there about the game and learn something new, from tricks to locations to pull off a variety of tricks. Even if no one is dressed up, expect some antics. While this doesn’t mean someone running around naked, it does usually mean someone or some group doing something that will relate to the game. A good example is one of the events I attended, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, after getting the game, as I was leaving the mall, I jumped from the top of the flight of stairs and shouted “I am Forsaken” (I’ve got a level 62 Frost Mage to back that up too)...

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