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    Tree Improving your Guitar Hero Skills

    Want to get better at Guitar Hero? Here is an article with some very useful tips. Rock on!


    So you've started rocking and have hit a snag of sorts. The notes are going faster, going in funky lines and in general being a pain to follow. With any music game there comes a point that skill is paramount. So, pull the guitar out of the wall or get a replacement because it got smashed on "accident" last night.

    There are only so many techniques that one has to learn, some are easy and are quick to grasp, others take a bit more time and patience to learn and employ properly. This guide will cover Hand Position, Hammer-Ons/Pull-Offs and Strum. As well as just a few little tips to improve your chances.

    Hand Position:

    This is usually the first thing to change. Progressing from Medium to Hard forces it and Expert makes this a top-priority concern. This is also the easiest thing to incorporate of all the little changes someone can make. Another thing to consider is the shape of your hand. While it is a controller and curving your fingers into the buttons seems a bit silly, this is how it works on a real guitar to ensure the clearest sound, but the designers were thinking about a real guitar while they designed this thing.

    Already the basics of where your hand needs to be should be firmly in your mind.
    For Easy/Medium: At the First Fret button. This allows for full access to every button, no shifting involved in the least.
    for Hard/Expert: At the Second Fret button. This small shift allows one to get used to the motion of moving around the neck of the guitar.

    A little trick commonly employed for those just learning to move around on the neck is to have something to work as a marker on the neck. A bump of Duct Tape is very useful and completely stylish in this game.

    The Hammer-On/Pull-Off:

    A common trick, especially in the harder difficulties of Rock Band and Guitar Hero. In Rock Band these notes are smaller, almost stubs, of the usual color for the fret. In Guitar Hero, these notes are...

    Continued here:
    Improving on Guitar Hero Guitar
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