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    Ladybug Ninja Gaiden Series Summary

    An article about the Ninja Gaiden Series.


    Ryu Hayabusa is a video game character of some renowned now. Before, the series was somewhat known, but now, asking anyone who really plays video games and they will be able to tell you something about our Ninja friend. Ryu has appeared on consoles ranging from his origins on the Nintendo to the Game Boy, the Nintendo DS and both Xboxes.

    One thing that is fairly set throughout the entire series is its renowned difficulty. Many stages in the original Ninja Gaiden frustrate players to this day. While some entries in the series aren’t the most difficult to beat, such as Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword on the Nintendo DS, it is well established that the rest of series is true to that idea.

    Ninja Gaiden for the Nintendo is the most commonly known of the original series. It is commonly accepted to be a challenging game, with a few stages of note as well as bosses. While the bosses have the simple tendencies of patterns common in the days of the Nintendo and they are easy to see, figure out and counter, the attacks and powers of the boss can be more than enough to take down even experiences players. The original series was filled with many such challenges. The powers were also fueled by Nippo points...

    Continued here:
    Ninja Gaiden Series Summary
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