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    Default Model Trains exhibit in Golden Gate Park

    This model trains exhibit sounds pretty cool:

    While the De Young Museum and the new Academy of Sciences building are the star draws in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park these days, a good time can also be had just around the corner in their enduring elegant Victorian cousin, the glass Conservatory of Flowers.

    Through April 19, the exhibit room of the 1870s Conservatory features a model train and building exhibit called “The Golden Gate Express.”

    It’s whimsically creative. Two separate tracks carry model G-gauge Amtrack trains on interlocking figure 8 routes on different levels, while a single cable car runs back and forth on a track extending from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Grant Avenue Gateway to Chinatown
    Read about it here:
    Model Trains in Golden Gate Park. Category: Arts & Entertainment from The Berkeley Daily Planet - Thursday February 12, 2009

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    That exhibit does look very interesting



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