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    Fish Curious about Anachronism

    Hi everyone!
    I came here via a Google search that led to a a post with no answer:
    Whatever happened to the TriKing website?
    I ask the same question.
    I came to TriKing via a link from Wapedia about the card game Anachronism, which I found trolling for my nickname horsethief, which Wapedia describes as an anachronism.
    The internet works a lot like my brain - by links, pathways, and sideways associations.
    So, that's my starting point on RarityGuide.
    I'm not sure where it will lead.
    I rarely play cardgames.
    I've never played Anachronism.
    Not too old to start.

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    Default Re: Curious about Anachronism


    yeah anachronism is a cool game

    I was wondering about the triking website myself

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    Default Re: Curious about Anachronism

    Hey and welcome



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