A few days ago I was made aware that there was a following for the older 8 bits, as the informant was only in his early twenties, I thought I would have a look at my old systems, mostly 800xl's a couple of 65XE's and some St's, drive for the 8bits abiout 6 some have quad chips that allow the drive to be switched between Happy Drive, US doubler, standard and quad, the one Atari has 1025K of memory, with switchable OS that gives standard OS, Mechine monitor and dump, 80 columb display etc, only trouble is all my harware hack note have stuck together, so I need to relearn how to use the systems again after 30 years. any ideas of where to get manuals and schematics would be greatly appreciated.
So to all Hi from an ancient and some what past by use date hardware hacker.