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Thread: Lake of all

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    Default Lake of all

    Lake of all 2uu
    when lake of all comes into play, shuffle all players libraries into a single library.
    All players draw from joint library.

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    Default Re: Lake of all

    It might work for an Un set, but never in real Magic. Personally I don't think it's a good idea in either one (seriously, imagine trying to sort out everyone's cards at the end - even if they're in different coloured sleeves it'd be a pain).
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    Default Re: Lake of all

    yeah i wouldnt want to shuffle all my cards into some random players library maybe i have valuable cards that i dont wanna lose

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    Default Re: Lake of all

    It's definately an Uncard. But the issue of shuffling decks being too troublesome is a nonissue as 99% of people would only play this with friends they trust and/or cards they aren't worried about.

    On another note, this idea is very old in card design. In fact, the creator of Magic had a version of it printed for the celebration of his marriage proposal:

    ...game creator Richard Garfield created three cards for three personal occasions. The first one, Proposal, was slipped into a game between Garfield and his girlfriend, and had the ability to propose marriage. Fortunately, the one time that it ever entered a game, it worked. Because of the personal nature of the card, the image has never been published, and only three people in the world were given a copy – Garfield, the printer at Carta Mundi, and Quinton Hoover. Unfortunately, Hoover’s card was stolen at a convention and has never been recovered.

    I can't find the rules text atm, but it pretty much does what your card here does.

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    Default Re: Lake of all

    OH wow A. Very Uh sounds like something my friends would play with too lol

    B. Proposal How sweet



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