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Thread: Phyrexian Ritual

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    Default Phyrexian Ritual

    Phyrexian Ritual (P/B)
    ({P/B} can be paid with either {B} or 2 life)
    Add B to your mana pool

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    Default Re: Phyrexian Ritual

    I don't think that's good enough ramping to warrant losing a card and 2 life. It would make more sense if it would at least generate 2 black mana.

    Also, Magic R&D has basically shifted "fast mana" like Dark Ritual out of Black and into Red.

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    Default Re: Phyrexian Ritual

    I think if it would generate 2 black mana then it would be overpowered, almost like dark rituals since lets say you started with 2 of them in your hand, you could have 5 black mana first turn. So I think its exactly right? pretty useful for first turn and even afterwards. if you really think its too weak I guess you could add cycling, but I think its pretty balanced as is



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