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    Default Infectious Horror double strike

    If I give Infectious Horror double strike, does each opponent lose 4 life when it attacks?

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    Default Re: Infectious Horror double strike

    Depends on if you are asking if it's ability will trigger twice and deal four (no it won't), or if you're asking, will it deal four combat damage (kind-of).

    "When it attacks" triggers on when it is declared as an attacker. So if you give it double strike, when you declare it as an attacker it's ability will trigger and do 2 damage. Then after blockers are done and we are ready for combat damage, creatures with first/double strike go first and it will deal 2 damage, then creatures without first strike and creatures with double strike will deal damage so your guy will do 2 more.

    So total 6 damage - 2 triggered ability, 2 first strike, 2 normal strike.
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