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Thread: if cast indestructible on totem armor

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    Default if cast indestructible on totem armor

    can you cheat by casting indestructibility on a totem armor so that your creature can never be destroyed?

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    Default Re: if cast indestructible on totem armor

    It's not cheating if you can do it legally within the rules of the game.

    But, yes, that works. Keep in mind that Indestructibility itself can still be destroyed, and the enchanted creature can still be exiled, sacrificed, or have its toughness reduced to 0.

    So, while it's a pretty decent level of protection, it isn't by any means actually invincible.

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    Default Re: if cast indestructible on totem armor

    Aside from anything else, you'd achieve pretty much the same result simply by enchanting the creature itself with Indestructibility.
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    Default Re: if cast indestructible on totem armor

    Just remember that there is always a way to get rid of a creature, even the great Progenitus and Emrakul, the Aeons Torn can be relatively easily dealt with. You can never cheat if it's the game rules, as well. From a strategy standpoint, as Arix said, it's just better to cast Indestructibility on your creature, because it will give you the same effect and probably be less convoluted for you and your opponent.



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