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Thread: can grimgrin kill stuffy doll?

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    Default Re: can grimgrin kill stuffy doll?

    Your question is vague. Are you asking about killing via combat damage, or Grimgrin's ability? Either way, the answer is no. An indestructible creature cannot be destroyed in any way.

    However, an indestructible creature can be sacrificed, and it will end up in the graveyard if it is sacrificed. Do keep in mind that you (obviously) can only sacrifice creatures that you control.

    So, if you control Grimgrin and Stuffy Doll, you can certainly sacrifice the Doll to pay for Grimgrin's activated ability. Being indestructible doesn't prevent a creature from being sacrificed, as I literally just said above. If you sacrifice Stuffy Doll, it goes to the graveyard just like almost every creature card does when it leaves the battlefield.



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