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Thread: does battle hym generate permanent mana?

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    Default does battle hym generate permanent mana?

    does battle hymn generate permanent mana?

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    Default Re: does battle hym generate permanent mana?

    There's no such thing as permanent mana. Mana only lasts for one step of a turn - if it's not spent after that, it disappears (short of Upwelling or Omnath, Locus of Mana
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    Default Re: does battle hym generate permanent mana?

    Is it possible you're confusing the difference between mana and lands, uni? It's a common mistake, and could be one reason why you seem to think there's such a thing as "permanent mana" (as Arix pointed out, there isn't).

    Battle Hymn gives you R (one red mana) for each creature you control. This is not the same as putting Mountains onto the battlefield -- when a spell/ability wants you to put lands onto the battlefield, its text will say that (see: Rampaging Growth, Farseek, and cards of that nature). If you cast Battle Hymn while you control 5 creatures, this will give you RRRRR (5 red mana). This is the same amount of mana you would get from tapping 5 Mountains for mana, but you don't actually put any Mountains on the battlefield. You simply have 5 red mana, and you have until the end of the current step to spend it. If you don't, that mana will be emptied from your mana pool.



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