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Thread: can a creature block, blink, then block again?

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    Default can a creature block, blink, then block again?

    I was wondering like if I am attacked by 2/2 creature and I have a 1/1 creature as well as a card/ability that blinks/flickers my creature, can I block with my 1/1 then blink my 1/1 creature and have it block again, causing 2 damage (from blocking twice) and killing the attacking creature?

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    Default Re: can a creature block, blink, then block again?

    No. All blockers are declared at the same time, and you have to declare all of them before you can do anything else.

    Combat damage is also only assigned and dealt once per combat step (barring first/double strike). This means that not only can you not get a single creature to deal damage twice (again, barring double strike), but that the 2/2 would deal its damage back to the 1/1, killing it before you got a chance to flicker it.
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