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    Default do creatures lose enchantments when flickered

    when you flicker a creature does it lose the auras it has on it

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    Default Re: do creatures lose enchantments when flickered

    "Flicker" doesn't have an official meaning in Magic, but I'm assuming you mean spells/abilties that cause a creature to be exiled, and then return to the battlefield all at once during their resolution.

    Yes, the creature loses all Auras that were attached to it. The creature that comes back to the battlefield is treated as a new object with no memory of its previous existence, even though it is physically represented by the same card.

    Also, Auras and Equipments attached to a creature will of course be unattached if that creature ever leaves the battlefield. There isn't really a rule to quote here -- just note that Auras/Equipment can only be attached to a permanent on the battlefield, and a "flickering" creature left the battlefield long enough to lose whatever was attached to it. Auras will be put into the graveyard as a state-based action, while Equipment of course will simply remain on the battlefield without being equipped to a creature until you use its Equip ability again.

    The only time an exiled creature gets to keep its Auras is when the spell/ability doing the exiling mentions it specifically. For example, Flickerform. The Auras don't naturally stay with the creature, which is why Flickerform has to specifically allow for a way to keep those Auras.



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