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Thread: can deranged outcast sacrifice himself?

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    Default can deranged outcast sacrifice himself?

    is it ok for deranged outcast to sacrifice itself to put +1/+1 counter target creature?

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    Default Re: can deranged outcast sacrifice himself?

    Yes, this is possible, since Deranged Outcast is a human.

    In general, any time a creature's activated ability has the cost of "sacrifice a creature", you are able to sacrifice the creature to pay for its own ability unless the text tells you specifically otherwise. For example, Grimgrin, Corpse Born's activated ability says the following:

    "Sacrifice another creature: Untap Grimgrin and put a +1/+1 counter on it."

    ...Though that's not the best example, since even if you could sacrifice Grimgrin himself, it wouldn't do you much good.



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