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Thread: questions about protection

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    Default questions about protection

    my friend has approached me and asked me a basic question that i'm not sure how to answer. it is about protection with these two cards: Kinsbaile Cavalierand
    Black Knight
    he was asking since the black knight has protection from white, and kinsbaile cavalier is a white card, if the ability of that card would work on black knight, or is that ability deemed "colorless", or something else, since its an automatic ability and not a payed ability?

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    Default Re: questions about protection

    Please read the FAQ before posting questions.
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    Default Re: questions about protection

    the relevent thingy from the faq is

    Q: Does protection affect _____?
    A: Protection from FOO means the following (abbreviated DEBT):
    Any damage that would be dealt to the protected object by sources with the quality FOO is prevented.
    The protected object can't be enchanted or equipped by Auras or Equipment with the quality FOO.
    The protected creature can't be blocked by creatures with the quality FOO.
    The protected object can't be the target of spells with the quality FOO or abilities from a source with the quality FOO.

    If the _____ in question does none of thes ethings, then protection doesn't interact with it (for example, a Black Knight will be destroyed by Wrath of God).

    so since the Kinsbaile Cavalier doesnt damage the blacck knight, doesnt enchant the black knight, doesnt block the black knight, and doesnt target the black knight (the doesnt target is most important in this case) so protection wont matter in this case

    so yea short answer is that the black knight WILL have double strike



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