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Thread: mesa enchantress dark flavor rulings magic

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    Default mesa enchantress dark flavor rulings magic

    if I control mesa enchantress and phyrexian tyranny and Psychosis Crawler

    I am at 2 life and other player has 1 life

    I cast Dark Flavor getting me to 1 life and now I draw a card from the enchantress but I dont have the 2 to pay for my phyrexian tyranny so I lose 2 life but opponent also is supposed to lose 1 life from the crawler is it a draw?

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    Default Re: mesa enchantress dark flavor rulings magic

    Here's what happens.

    You cast Dark Favor. Mesa Enchantress's ability triggers and goes on the stack on top of it. At this point, Dark Favor hasn't resolved and you haven't lost 1 life from it.
    Enchantress's ability resolves and you draw a card. This triggers both Phyrexian Tyranny and Psychosis Crawler. Since you control both abilities, you can put them on the stack in whatever order you wish.
    If you put Psychosis Crawler's ability on the stack on top of Phyrexian Tyranny's, it will resolve first. Your opponent loses 1 life. State-based actions see your opponent at 0 life and cause him to lose.
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