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    Default Two Seperate instances of Exalted

    If you have at creature with Exalted and you are on the plane Bant and the creature attacks alone does it get +2/+2 or just +1/+1?

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    Default Re: Two Seperate instances of Exalted

    +2/+2. the rules on exalted do not state that multible instances of exalted are redundant and thus they do stack the same way that haveing two Virulant Sliver will result in each of your slive giveing your opponent 2 poision counters when it deals damage to that player.

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    Default Re: Two Seperate instances of Exalted

    also they trigger each time you delcare an attacker alone...

    So if you have a Noble Heirarch (0/1) and a Finest Hour in play.

    When you attack both exalteds trigger as well as finest hour, thus your noble is a 2/3 untapped attacker. After the combat is over finest hour starts your second combat phase, you attack with the noble again and both exalteds trigger again making it a 4/5 for this round of combat.



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