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    Default Intimidate Rules Multicolors

    Some questions about intimidate ability:

    Can Multicolored creature with intimidate be blocked by any of the colors it has or does it have to be the same colors?

    For example, can a multi-color black/red creature with intimidate be blocked by either a black creature OR a red creature, or only by a creature that also has both Black and Red?

    Another question: If a black creature has intimidate, can it be blocked by a multicolored (for example black/white creature)? Not sure because of the white that the other creature has

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    Default Re: Intimidate Rules Multicolors

    a multicolored creature with intimideate can be blocked by a mono-colored one that has one of its colors. also a mono-colored creature with intimidat can be blocked by a multicolored creature as long as one of its colors match the color of the creature with intimidate.

    to block a creature with intimidate a creature needs only to share a color not match all colors. here is the relavant rule:

    702.11b A creature with intimidate can't be blocked except by artifact creatures and/or creatures that share a color with it.



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