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    Default what is eye of ugin

    what is eye of ugin

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    Default Re: what is eye of ugin

    Rise of The Eldrazi is the next expansion coming out in April...my spidey senses tell me that there might be a number of cards saying that they are colorless...and they would cost two less to cast...I honestly don't know why they would come out with this card now instead of with Rise Of The Eldrazi...I suppose that you can also search for any artifact creature card too? I would buy the Eye Of Ugin cards now while they are cheap...
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    Default Re: what is eye of ugin

    My guess is that they put it in Worldwake so that people would still have a reason to buy Worldwake after Rise is released. I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing more and more "future plants" like these.
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    Default Re: what is eye of ugin

    I'm with Alterloth on this one you should pick these up now at only a few bucks because if alot of Rise of the Eldrazi is colorless these will go up in price not to mention if they are in some top 8 deck (doubtful but maybe). I know alot of people in my area have already grabbed them up.



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