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    Default Magic the Gathering: Whats the maximum size of a deck?

    Had a question related to MTG decks... What is the maximum number of cards allowed in a deck?

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    Minimum is 60, but there is no real max size for an MTG deck.

    But keep in mind the following:

    If you have too many cards, you are going to have trouble shuffling.

    But more important, if you have too many cards in your deck, you have less control over what you will draw. Let's say you build a deck with 1,000 cards. Your probability to pull any certain card is 1 in 1,000. close to random. But if you have 60 cards, you know better what cards you might draw and you can plan your game better.

    I also when I started playing Magic I wanted to put all my cards in the deck cuz all of them were cool but I learned that that's not the way to go if you want more strategy.

    I would recommend you keep your decks at 60. Limiting your decks to 60 will also help you think more about strategy and what cards to use.

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    Like Klicker said, there's no maximum. I generally use 60 cards, but I know it's sometimes hard to decide which cards not to use so it's tempting to build a larger deck, but 60 is the best number.



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