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Thread: Trade Folder Issues.

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    Default Trade Folder Issues.

    Just wondering if other people have trouble trading?

    Recently ive come across people who have cards in there folders yet have no interest in trading them.

    Happened 3 times in one day.

    One person was intereted in my MM foil arcbound ravager and 5 unhinged swamps, all he had in his folder that was of any interest was a thoughtseize, when i said i wanted that he told me thats not for trade and handed me a second folder of $1 and $2 rares to try find something.

    Next guy wanted a gaeas cradle from me, again he had a thoughtseize in his folder along with a misty rainforest i was interested in, again neither were for trade.

    Then lastly the 3rd guy was interested in my german savannah, he had an english revised badlands and a noble hierarch i wanted but same result, not for trade.

    So i was left with no trades unless i wanted to unload those cards of mine people wanted for junk rares and was kind of confused as to why people say heres my trades folder then when you find something say oh thats not for trade.

    Do others have this issue?

    If so how do deal with it with out wanting to have a mini rage?


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    Default Re: Trade Folder Issues.

    Not all rare binders are trade binders. I keep all of rares in one binder, some for trade and some not.

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    Default Re: Trade Folder Issues.

    I carry 2 folders, 1 with decent cards and 1 with filler cards, junk foils and rares to make up any gaps if people are super picky about being exact with price.

    I dont mind when im handed a folder if the people tell me certain cards are off limits but my issue is when they give me a folder, say its all for trading then say oh wait thats not for trade.

    I know i cant do anthing about it but its pretty annoying when they have a card or 2 i know i can either use in a deck or put in my collection folders.



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