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Thread: A Dragon's-Eye View of Return to Ravnica Limited

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    Default A Dragon's-Eye View of Return to Ravnica Limited

    Starting with green!

    Aerial Predation 3/5
    I would maindeck this card, but keep it in mind as a card to sideboard out between games. People play fliers in limited, and this will almost always have a target - but it might not have a target worth the card. Removal is removal.

    Archweaver 3/5
    It seems like, for the most part, this environment is a rather slow one. Aside from Rakdos and its unleash mechanic, I think most games will be decided by big stompy guys bashing into each other. A 5/5 trampler is fair in that case, but it could be outclassed by a lot of others. You have Axebane Stag at the same converted mana cost, and that guy just eats this Spider.

    Axebane Guardian 3.5/5
    In such a multicoloured environment, colour fixing is at a premium. And, as I just said, it seems like most games will be about getting big chunky guys out as soon as you can, and ramp is always good in that case. If you have more defenders, all the better.

    Axebane Stag 3.5/5
    In limited, even something as simple as having the bigger creature can win you the game. This is not only the biggest common creature in the set, it's one of the biggest creatures in the set period. Seven mana is a lot, but this is a fine way to top out your curve.

    Brushstrider 3/5
    I'm not fond of high-power low-toughness creatures in limited. It dies to everything, even something as simple as a Trained Caracel. Remember that Electrickery is a common, so it will be seen a lot. I'd play this guy, but I wouldn't reach for him.

    Centaur's Herald 4/5
    I love this thing. Three-mana 3/3s are playable in limited. Being able to chump block an attacker and leave behind a relevant body is excellent. It's easy food for populate. It dodges removal. Don't underestimate this guy.

    Chorus of Might 2.5/5
    This could jump in value depending on the rest of your deck. Selesnyans would easily reach for it. Korozda Guildmage could make it incredibly valuable. But overall, it's a bit expensive for my tastes. I'm not the biggest fan of pump spells in limited, and a lot needs to happen for this four-mana spell to work.

    Deadbridge Goliath 4.5/5
    Four-mana 3/3s are playable. A four-mana 5/5 that's removal-resilient? Yeah, play it.

    Death's Presence 3/5
    Now here is a card I'm very undecided on. Other expensive rare green enchantments have proven themselves very worthy in the past - Gutter Grime and Feed the Pack are cards I'm always happy to play - but this one needs a lot more work for it to...work. This will need extensive testing.

    Drudge Beetle 3/5
    Bears are usually pretty good in limited. But remember Rise of the Eldrazi? A set focused around massive endgame plays makes Bears just not good enough. As I said earlier, this feels like that sort of environment. But the scavenge ability makes up for some of that - letting an earlier creature measure up to the fatter ones could prove valuable.

    Druid's Deliverance 3.5/5
    Fog is another card I don't like in limited. But don't underestimate the power of populate. The ability to make another Centaur (or heaven forbid, a 5/5 Wurm or 8/8 Elemental) for a mere two mana, while halting an attack in its tracks? If you have enough things that make tokens bigger than a 1/1 Saproling, this will jump in value.

    Gatecreeper Vine 3.5/5
    Again, colour-fixing will be at a premium. Imagine playing three-colour and grabbing the non-green Gate in your deck with this - for just two mana, you stop an attacker and never have mana problems again. At it feeds your Axebane Guardian. Whee.

    Giant Growth 2.5/5
    Pump is pump. As I said above, I'm not a fan of pump.

    Gobbling Ooze 2/5
    This is another card that could jump in value depending on your deck. Again, Selesnyans or people with Korozda Guildmage will love it. For everyone else, it's too expensive with not enough payoff.

    Golgari Decoy 2.5/5
    I usually like these kinds of effects in limited. I won several games at the Saviors of Kamigawa prerelease on the back of Shinen of Life's Roar. That said, I'm not sure how willing I would be to pay five mana for such an effect, even if I get to give another guy a slight boost afterwards.

    Horncaller's Chant 2.5/5
    This is...eight mana. For eight mana, you want to win the game. Two 4/4s may help you win the game, but I don't think it's quite enough to be worth eight mana. You won't realistically cast it until around turn ten or eleven, by which time chances are good there are bigger things than 4/4 Rhinos running around.

    Korozda Monitor 3.5/5
    As I said, four-mana 3/3s are playable. Adding trample into the mix is gravy. The scavenge ability is really expensive, but don't underestimate the power of three +1/+1 counters. Put them on a Daggerdrome Imp and go to town.

    Mana Bloom 1.5/5
    This costs too much for what it does. You don't want to waste turns dropping this just for a one-mana boost here and there. Only play it if you really need the fixing.

    Oak Street Innkeeper 1.5/5
    Wow. This takes a lot of work. And it does nothing - most things your opponents would want to target your creatures with are instants, making it all too easy to kill your creatures on oyur turn anyway. This is a three-mana 1/2 that does nothing.

    Rubbleback Rhino 2.5/5
    Don't get me wrong though, hexproof is a powerful ability. But it's only good on a threatening creature. A 3/4 just isn't that threatening, especially with all the other fat guys running around this set.

    Savage Surge 2/5
    I've said I don't like pump. The minor combat trick here doesn't change that.

    Seek the Horizon 4/5
    Glorious mana fixing. This helps you get the lands you need to drop your big fat guys. and fixes your colours besides. It makes going three-colour - not uncommon in Ravnica - easy, and makes splashes even easier.

    Slime Molding 4.5/5
    It's relevant at every stage of the game. It's a great token to populate. It wins games alone. Play this.

    Stonefare Crocodile 3/5
    It's not bad. A six-point life swing each turn is a good thing. But it's also a very expensive thing. I wasn't the biggest fan of Markov Patrician in Innistrad, and one extra point of toughness isn't really worth paying three mana to get the ability. That said, a three-mana 3/2 is perfectly playable.

    Towering Indrik 3/5
    Giant Spider is Giant Spider. Moving on.

    Urban Burgeoning 0/5
    Don't play this ever.

    Wild Beastmaster 3/5
    Another card that jumps in value depending on the deck. Got a good amount of scavenge cards? Play this. But be wary for tricks on your opponent's side. DID YOU KNOW! If your opponent casts Downsize on this, all your creatures will get -3/-3. That's bad.

    Worldspine Wurm 1/5
    This is a bad card. I know you think it's a good card, but it's not. It's a trap. And if you fall for it, I will personally slap you in the face.
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    Default Re: A Dragon's-Eye View of Return to Ravnica Limited

    And moving to red.

    Annihilating Fire 4/5
    You know what's good in limited? You know what's so good in limited that I'd be willing to pay three times its cost for? Lightning Bolt. Screwing scavenge (and a few other things) over is just a bonus.

    Ash Zealot 3/5
    Ignore the ability - it does nothing. There is literally nothing in this set that will trigger that ability. Think of this as a three or four-mana 2/2 with haste and first strike. Which is...okay, I guess. If you have a decently aggressive deck, consider it.

    Batterhorn 3/5
    There aren't many good targets for its ability. I suppose taking out the odd Keyrune would be nice. Still, it's a fairly fat body. That's not bad.

    Bellows Lizard 2.5/5
    One-mana 1/1s aren't good. Tying up your mana like this does doesn't really make it any better. A fair choice if you're desparate for cheap creatures, not much chop otherwise.

    Bloodfray Giant 4/5
    A 4/3 with trample for four mana is a great deal. A 5/4 is even better. Good whether or not it's unleashed, this is a worthy inclusion.

    Chaos Imps 4.5/5
    Fliers win games. Big fat fliers win more. 7/6 flying tramplers? Like the Giant, this is good whether or not it's unleashed, and you always want to include it.

    Cobblebrute 3.5/5
    Slightly better than Brushstrider, but not by a whole lot. In most cases it'll be a four-mana Edict. Not bad, but there are better deals out there.

    Dynacharge 2.5/5
    I didn't like Trumpet Blast in limited. This is a little better, but not by much. Mostly useless in an Izzet deck that wants to focus on spells, a little better in an aggressive Rakdos deck. I personally wouldn't bother.

    Electrickery 4/5
    Remember how good Geistflame was in Innistrad? There are quite a lot of 1-toughness creatures derping around, not the least of which being all the Saproling, Goblin, Soldier and Bird tokens - taking even just two or three of them out for just two mana is amazing. In a pinch, it can turn a couple of chump blocks into trades. If I'm red, I'm always playing this.

    Explosive Impact 3.5/5
    Six mana is expensive removal, but it's still removal. Not to mention being able to steal the odd game.

    Goblin Rally 3/5
    Remember Electrickery? Yeah, it exists. Getting a small swarm is a good thing, but by the time you cast this there are going to be much bigger creatures around. Good for chump blockers, that's about your lot.

    Gore-House Chainwalker 3.5/5
    Goblin Piker is fine and all, but I'm not sure this is the right environment for it. You'll really have to think about whether or not to unleash this. It's a fine derpy dude, but not much else.

    Guild Feud 1/5
    For this to work, you need to have a fair amount of expensive creatures. And with a lot of expensive creatures and a six-mana enchantment (that could backfire horribly), you have a bad deck. This only works if you have a bad deck. And get very lucky with it. Don't play it.

    Guttersnipe 3.5/5
    If you only have a few instants and sorceries, he could work out. With a few more, he turns into smething fierce. Being able to Shock your opponent with every removal spell, card draw, or pump will quickly add up.

    Lobber Crew 2.5/5
    A defender is nice for stalling up to your big fat fatties. Getting in a few points here and there is nice. But really, you want your cards to do more than this.

    Minotaur Aggressor 3.5/5
    This is red's Axebane Stag. A great guy for the top of your curse, but again, seven mana is a lot. It wins pretty much every combat, but dies to nearly every removal spell. A perfectly acceptable fighter for the late game.

    Mizzium Mortars 4.5/5
    Rememebr how good Electrickery is? Times it by four.

    Pursuit of Flight 2/5
    Auras aren't good. Some people sort of liked Spectral Flight. This is strictly worse. I guess it might be okay if you really need a way to get through, but other than that, leave it alone.

    Pyroconvergence ?/5
    This can't be rated. It all depends entirely on your deck. You need a lot of multicoloured spells for it to work, obviously. Enough for you to feasibly draw and cast at least four or five of them after landing this. If you want to include this, you really need to build around it.

    Racecourse Fury 1/5

    Splatter Thug 3.5/5
    Fairly costed, will probably outclass everything for a few turns. If unleashed. Not great if not unleashed, but it'll have to happen sometimes.

    Street Spasm 4.5/5
    Remember how good Electrickery is? Times it by however much you damn well please.

    Survey the Wreckage 2/5
    Land destruction isn't good. Five-mana land destruction even less so. I suppose if your opponent has a Rogue's Passage it might be kind of sort of okay, I guess. Short of that, don't even look at it.

    Tenement Crasher 3/5
    Another fairly big guy. But for one mana more, you get Axebane Stag and Minotaur Aggressor. Fair choice for the top of your curve if you really need something there, but there are better options for the slot.

    Traitorous Instinct 3.5/5
    Threaten effects are pretty awesome. A slight additional cost for a slight additional benefit is fine.

    Utvara Hellkite 5/5
    This is what we in the business call a "bomb". If it lasts even just one turn, it will win you the game. Play it always.

    Vandalblast 2/5
    As I said with Batterhorn, there just aren't that many artifacts around that you really need to take care of. The odd Keyrune maybe. Not much else.

    Viashino Racketeer 2/5
    A three-mana 2/1 is...okay, maybe, I guess. The ability is bad. It might be helpful every now and then, but for the most part, it's bad.
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    Default Re: A Dragon's-Eye View of Return to Ravnica Limited

    Assassin's Strike 4/5
    Removal is good. Even if it's six mana. Especially if it kills something with no restrictions. Doesn't matter what colour it is, or how big it is. If it's annoying you, it's dead.

    Catacomb Slug 2.5/5
    By the time you reach five mana, you want to put a threat out, not a roadblock against opposing threats. Okay if you're relying on a six+ mana bomb and nothing else. Not much good elsewhere.

    Cremate 3/5
    Well, it's a cantrip. That's not bad. I would side it in against scavenge, but I wouldn't bother maindecking it.

    Daggerdrome Imp 3.5/5
    Evasion is good. Evasion and lifelink are better. This guy makes an excellent scavenge target. Give him a few +1/+1 counters and just go nuts.

    Dark Revenant 3/5
    IT'S A TRAP! No but seriously, this guy looks good, but the drawback is a nasty one. Good in some cases, very bad in others.

    Dead Reveler 3/5
    A decently big guy for the cost, but not really much else.

    Desecration Demon 4/5
    Big and bad. This guy gives your opponent a very difficult decision. They're going to run out of creatures eventually, and by then, how big is he going be? An excellent four-drop.

    Destroy the Evidence 1/5
    Remember when I said five-mana land destruction was bad?

    Deviant Glee 2/5
    Remember when I said Auras are bad?

    Drainpipe Vermin 3/5
    Stopping an attacker and stripping a card away from your opponent isn't a bad deal for the cost. Even better if your opponent's hording away 1-toughness creatures. How good are your Brushstriders now?

    Grave Betrayal 4/5
    Another bonafide bomb. It's expensive and requires a bit of work, but when it pays off, it really pays off.

    Grim Roustabout 3/5
    Cheap regenerators are good. But do yourself a favour and don't unleash him. Eterna-blocking is better than a couple extra points of damage that might not even happen.

    Launch Party 4/5
    Remember when I said removal is good?

    Mind Rot 2/5
    Some people like this in limited. I'm not one of those people.

    Necropolis Regent 4.5/5
    What prevents this from being an awesome bomb is the trople-black cost. In an environment where you probably want to go three colours (or at the very least, two and a splash), that really hurts. That said, if your deck can support the triple black, this will win the game. And unlike the Hellkite, it doesn't even need to last one turn.

    Ogre Jailbreaker 3/5
    It probaly won't attack very often, but it's a fairly respectable defender. A good choice for slower, control-y decks. Not so much elsewhere.

    Pack Rat 4/5
    And here we see that a creature doesn't have to be big and expensive to be a bomb. Get even just a single activation off, and before long, it'll become too much for your opponent to deal with.

    Perilous Shadow 3/5
    Like Bellows Lizard, tying up your mana isn't a good thing. Unlike Bellows Lizard, it's a fairly respectable body even without activating the ability. And it survives Electrickery!

    Sewer Shambler 3.5/5
    Evasion is good. What's better, though, is the cheap scavenge cost. A permanent +2/+2 for three mana is an absolute bargain.

    Shrieking Affliction 2.5/5
    Sometimes, these things can happen. In fact, it's not even that rare in limited for people to go into topdeck mode. But it's not worth wasting a card on something that might happen every now and again. It's too easy to turn off.

    Slum Reaper 3.5/5
    Removal is good. Removal that leaves behind a decent body is better.

    Stab Wound 4/5

    Tavern Swindler 2.5/5
    As I said earlier, although bears are usually good, I'm not sure they cut it in this environment. Just pretend the ability isn't there, because it isn't.

    Terrus Wurm 4/5
    Not that impressive on the battlefield, at a time when things like Axebane Stag and Minotaur Aggressor are coming around. But giving a permanent +5/+5 to something? Why yes, that is amazing. Off you go, 6/6 Daggerdrome Imp.

    Thrill-Kill Assassin 3.5/5
    Like Grim Roustabout, this is much more valuable as a blocker. Do yourself a favour and don't unleash it.

    Ultimate Price REMOVAL IS GOOD/5

    Underworld Connections 4/5
    I'm always happy to play Phyrexian Arena. An Arena that doesn't run the risk of killing me? I'm all over that like a fat kid on donuts.

    Zankev Locust 2.5/5
    Way too expensive for what it does. Sure, the scavenge is good, but save your six-drop slot for something that matters.
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    Default Re: A Dragon's-Eye View of Return to Ravnica Limited

    Aquus Steed 1.5/5
    Too much mana for not enough effect. Don't bother.

    Blustersquall 3.5/5
    Stopping one attacker or blocker once isn't that bad in a pinch. But the overload is what makes this shine. Sleep was good, instant-speed Sleep is better.

    Cancel 2/5
    Counterspells are another thing I don't like in limited. If you're really lacking in ways to deal with a specific bomb, then maybe consider sideboarding it in. Otherwise leave it behind.

    Chronic Flooding 1/5
    Don't play bad cards.

    Conjured Currency 2/5
    Very similar to Guild Feud, in that a lot needs to go right for this to work out, most of which involve you playing a bad deck.

    Crosstown Courier 2/5
    As I said earlier, a two-mana 2/1 doesn't seem very good in this environment. The ability does nothing.

    Cyclonic Rift 4/5
    Blustersquall, but...you know, better. Better than a good card is great.

    Dispel 1/5
    Cancel, but...you know, worse. Worse than a bad card is awful.

    Doorkeeper 2.5/5
    If you're not getting the theme, there's just not enough strong mill for it to be a contender. That said, a two-mana 0/4 defender is a fine body. It also plays into your Axebane Guardian, which is gravy.

    Downsize 2/5
    Not worth the card, except in a few small cases. Wild Beastmaster comes to mind. I just want that to happen, just once.

    Faerie Imposter 3.5/5
    Don't be fooled. That isn't a drawback. That's a good thing. There's a bunch of guys that detain stuff when they enter the battlefield. Reusing those abilities while getting a 2/1 flier out of the deal is pretty damn fine. Like other cards though, this one's value varies depending on your deck. Without enough enters-the-battlefield abilities, it drops significantly.

    Hover Barrier 3/5
    A good defender, but not the best. It would be better to drop a guy that actually matters, but if you have nothing else for the slot, you could do much worse.

    Inaction Injunction 3.5/5
    A cantrip, one-turn Pacifism isn't a bad deal. Actual removal is better, but this is a good second choice.

    Inspiration 3/5
    This is another of those things that some people like in limited, but I don't. But this one's a little different, thanks to the Izzet theme of casting instants and sorceries. Getting some extra damage off your Guttersnipe, Niv-Magus Elemental, or Blistercoil Weird while restocking your hand isn't that bad a deal. But don't reach for it.

    Isperia's Skywatch 2.5/5
    3/3 fliers are a good thing. But like Zankev Locust, this just costs too much. There are better things to cast for six mana.

    Jace, Architect of Thought 4/5
    The second ability is where it's at. Sometimes, every now and then, you might pull off the ultimate. Maybe once in a while the first ability might come in handy. But a mini Fact or Fiction every turn is a Good Thing.

    Mizzium Skin 2/5
    Like I said, I don't like counterspells in limited. This just won't do anything often enough.

    Paralyzing Grasp 3.5/5
    Removal. What is it?

    Psychic Spiral 2/5
    As I said, the mill just isn't good enough to be a contender.

    Runewing 3.5/5
    A decent evasive body that gives something back when it dies a horrible bloody death. Perfectly respectable.

    Search the City NO/5

    Skyline Predator 3/5
    A combat trick and an evasive body in one neat package. One neat, but very expensive, package. You could do worse for the cost.

    Soulsworn Spirit 4/5
    Cheap detainment on the best type of evasive body. Play it always and forever.

    Sphinx of the Chimes 4/5
    Another ability that will do nothing. But it's fat. Really fat. And it flies. That's a Good Thing.

    Stealer of Secrets 3/5
    Every now and then, it might, just maybe, draw you one card. And when the planets are in alignment, the gods are in your favour, and Satan is ice-skating to work, you might be able to draw more than that. Every other time, it's just a dork. A fair dork, but still a dork.

    Syncopate 2/5
    See also: Cancel, Counterspells Are Bad.

    Tower Drake 3.5/5
    A cheap evasive body that doesn't die. We like this.

    Voidwielder 3.5/5
    Yes. Gumming up the ground while making your opponent lose tempo is, again, a Good Thing.
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    Default Re: A Dragon's-Eye View of Return to Ravnica Limited

    Angel of Serenity 4.5/5
    Fat, evasive, removal. Triple white hurts, but at seven mana, isn't undoable.

    Armory Guard 3/5
    A fairly large backside for four mana. Once in a while, you might get the ability off. But it usually won't do enough.

    Arrest 4.5/5

    Avenging Arrow 3.5/5

    Azorius Arrester 3.5/5
    Detainment on the cheap, with a respectable body to go along with it.

    Azorius Justiciar 4/5
    Yeah, now double it.

    Bazaar Krovod 2.5/5
    Five mana is when you drop big guys. Big guys that usually fly, or do other awesome things. Not when you derp around with vigilance.

    Concordia Pegasus 3.5/5
    A very fine body for a very cheap cost. There are better things, but there are also much, much worse.

    Ethereal Armor 2.5/5
    Auras are bad. This gives a fairly okay bonus maybe, but it's still an Aura.

    Eyes in the Skies 3.5/5
    Two points of flying power is the least this thing can do, and for four mana, that's not that bad a deal. Maybe changing that into a Centaur, or something even bigger, and suddenly it's amazing.

    Fencing Ace 3.5/5
    This is one of the best deals you can get for two mana. A solid target for scavenge, or equipment, or even just being fine on his own.

    Keening Apparition 3/5
    Keep it in mind for sideboarding against particularly annoying enchantments, like Grave Betrayal or Detention Sphere. But, as I said, bears just aren't that good in this environment.

    Knightly Valor 3.5/5
    I'm undecided on this. It looks like it could be very good, given the right situation. Putting it on a Concordia Pegasus, or Daggerdrome Imp, looks like a pretty damn good play. But five mana is a lot for an Aura. Maybe I just love the image of a Pegasus Knight.

    Martial Law 4/5
    No matter what it is, your opponent can never use their best creature. How's that sound?

    Palisade Giant 4/5
    So if they can't do seven damage in one turn, you never lose. Even if they can, they're probably going to lose a bunch of creatures to do it. Do it.

    Phantom General 3/5
    Another one that obviously scales depending on the deck. But I have to say, I don't think this would be that good no matter what. You need a lot of smaller tokens for it to do anything, and there's just not a big enough difference between 3/3 and 4/4 Centaurs, or 5/5 and 6/6 Wurms for it to be worth it.

    Precinct Captain 3/5
    Don't be fooled, this costs 3 or 4 mana. That's still a reasonable cost for the ability, but it's nothing amazing.

    Rest in Peace 1.5/5
    More like Rest in Peace IF YOU PLAY THIS CARD. BECAUSE IT'S BAD.


    Rootborn Defences 3.5/5
    In a way, this is the reverse of Druid's Deliverance. Except better, because it lets you easily kill off opponent's creatures easier. Might even be worth it without many token generators, but becomes amazing when you have them.

    Security Blockade 3.5/5
    A perfectly respectable creature, but not much more besides that.

    Selesnya Sentry 3/5
    Ignore the ability, because it doesn't exist. This is a vanilla 3/2 for three, which as I said earlier, is a fine body.

    Seller of Songbirds 3.5/5
    Two little bodies for a medium cost. Good for population, but there are better options.

    Soul Tithe 4/5
    Not proper removal, but just as good. Play it always.

    Sphere of Safety 1.5/5
    Never worth it. Don't bother.

    Sunspire Griffin 3.5/5
    Evasion is evasion. Chapel Geist is fine.

    Swift Justice 2.5/5
    A decent, but not dazzling, combat trick. Might do something, more likely won't do anything.

    Trained Caracal 2/5
    Maybe side it in every now and then against particularly aggressive decks. Otherwise, throw it away. Then punch it in the face.

    Trostani's Judgment 4/5
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    Default Re: A Dragon's-Eye View of Return to Ravnica Limited

    Abrupt Decay 4.5/5
    I heard that removal's pretty alright.

    Archon of the Triumvirate 5/5
    I also heard massive bombs that auto-win you the game are kind of good.

    Armada Wurm 4.5/5
    Ten trampley power for six mana. Sound like a bargain?

    Auger Spree 4/5
    Seriously. Removal. Play it.

    Azorius Charm 3.5/5
    You know it by now. I should hope.

    Call of the Conclave 3.5/5
    A good token generator for population, and a damn fine body all on its own.

    Carnival Hellsteed 4/5
    Game-winning bomb. Next.

    Centaur Healer 3/5
    A 3/3 for three mana is fine. The life is irrelevant.

    Chemister's Trick 3.5/5
    I liked Suicidal Charge. This seems both potentially better and potentially worse. It would need extensive testing, but I'd certainly be willing to try it out.

    Collective Blessing 4/5
    In the right situation, this will win you the game as soon as you drop it. That situation is not difficult to come by.

    Common Bond 2.5/5
    Doesn't do enough for the cost. Might be good every now and then, but it's just not worth it.

    Corpsejack Menace 3.5/5
    A four-mana 4/4 is good. Getting more mileage out of your scavenge cards is just a bonus.

    Counterflux 2/5
    In most situations, this is a bad Cancel. And Cancel is bad.

    Courser's Accord 3.5/5
    Two 3/3s for six mana is a perfectly acceptable bargain. Maybe every now and then you'll get something even better.

    Detention Sphere 4/5
    You know how Oblivion Ring is good? You know how there's a bunch of tokens running around in this set?

    Dramatic Rescue 2.5/5
    I'm not a big fan of Unsummon. 2 life doesn't change that.

    Dreadbore You know where this is going/5

    Dreg Mangler 3.5/5
    A good, reusable body for the cost. Not much to it.

    Epic Experiment 3/5
    Like Guild Feud and Conjured Currency, you need to have a very specfici deck for this to work. Unlike those two, it doesn't necessarily have to be a bad deck. But it still probably won't happen often enough to work.

    Essence Backlash 2/5
    Again, counterspells just aren't that good in limited.

    Fall of the Gavel 1.5/5

    Firemind's Foresight 2/5
    Seven mana is way too much for this marginal effect. For the full thing to happen, you have to spend a total of thirteen mana.

    Goblin Electromancer 3.5/5
    Another one that needs a specific deck. Unlike the rest, this is still perfectly acceptable outside of that deck.

    Golgari Charm 3.5/5
    Hey, you know how much I like Electrickery?

    Grisly Salvage 3.5/5
    The creature you need, when you need it. Or get yourself out of mana screw. 'Tis good.

    Havoc Festival 1.5/5
    It's bad.

    Hellhole Flailer 3.5/5
    Another fine body and not much more.

    Heroes' Reunion 1/5
    Do you like cards that do nothing? This card does nothing.

    Hussar Patrol 3.5/5
    A good combat trick that leaves behind a good creature. Yes.

    Hypersonic Dragon 4/5
    Is a big fat flier. That's good.

    Isperia, Supreme Judge 5/5
    Is a bigger, fatter flier. With an awesome ability. That's better.

    Izzet Charm 3.5/5
    Yes, it's removal. It's also card filtering in a pinch. It's not a counterspell, though.

    Izzet Staticaster 4/5
    You know what else is awesome in limited? Pingers.

    Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord 4.5/5
    Can take over games all by himself. Fling ALL the things, win game.

    Jarad's Orders 4/5
    In general, I'm not a fan of tutors in limited either. But getting a scavenge card into your graveyard and another dude to put the counters on seems pretty kinda good.

    Korozda Guildmage 3.5/5
    Really expensive for what it does, but but it does is damn good. Just watch out for Izzet Staticaster. Oh, and, I don't know, Electrickery.

    Lotleth Troll 4.5/5
    I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that this guy is FREAKING. RIDICULOUS.

    Loxodon Smiter 4/5
    Three-mana 4/4. The biggest problem is that it's just a dork, but it's a big, cheap dork.

    Lyev Skyknight 4/5
    Big evasion and cheap detainment. What's not to love?

    Mecurial Chemister 4.5/5
    Draw cards. Kill things. Win game.

    New Prahv Guildmage 4/5
    One of the better Guildmages. Don't underestimate the power of repeatable detainment, let alone granting evasion (and defence against evasion).

    Nivix Guildmage 3/5
    One of the less-good Guildmages. The second ability can work when the game goes on, and the first is alright for filtering. Not bad at all, just a bit underwhelming.

    Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius 5/5
    Game-winning bomb, moving on.

    [u]Rakdos Charm 2/5
    The first ability will rarely do anything, the second ability doesn't have enough good targets, the third will probably hurt you more than it hurts them. Not so good.

    Rakdos Ragemutt 3.5/5
    A good body paired with a six-point life swing each turn. Playable.

    Rakdos Ringleader 2.5/5
    Good when it gets out, but...six mana is when you should be casting big fat stompy guys.

    Rakdos, Lord of Riots 4.5/5
    Its main abilities practically don't exist. The main attraction is the four-mana 6/6 flying trampler. That's...that's good.

    Rakdos's Return 4/5
    Unless something goes wrong, this will usually win you the game on the spot.

    Righteous Authority 3.5/5
    I've said before how Auras are bad. This is an exception. The first ability is fine, but nothing great. The second is where it's all at. Nothing spectacular by any means, but perfectly playable.

    Risen Sanctuary 4/5
    This is the sort of thing you should be casting in the endgame. This outclasses everything else common or uncommon, and most rares as well.

    Rites of Reaping 3.5/5
    REmoval has to be really bad to be unplayable in limited.

    [u]Rix Maadi Guildmage 4/5
    See above.

    Search Warrant 2.5/5
    Two effects that alone aren't usually worth the cost or the card. Together, they might just be alright. I personally wouldn't bother with it, but I wouldn't begrudge anyone for trying it out.

    Selesnya Charm 4/5
    The best of the Charms. Getting rid of bombs, making dudes, pump in a pinch. I'd play a 2/2 with flash and vigilance for 2, and that's the absolute worst that this is.

    Skull Rend 2/5
    I said I don't like Mind Rot. Getting a Shock attached doesn't make it worth two extra mana.

    Skymark Roc 4/5
    A good, evasive body that absolutely screws up your opponent's tempo. Do it.

    Slaughter Games 3/5
    Keep it in your sideboard, occasionally put it in against a bomb you just can't handle. Otherwise, not worth it at all.

    Sluiceway Scorpion 3.5/5
    Yes, this counts as removal. Getting two +1/+1 counters out of the bargain is, as always, a Good Thing.

    Spawn of Rix Maadi 3/5
    Decently fat, but not much else. There's better for the cost.

    Sphinx's Revelation 2/5
    This is nearly never worth the cost. There are worse late game plays, but you really shouldn't be including it in your deck in the first place.

    Supreme Verdict 4/5
    Board wipes are always a Good Thing.

    Teleportal 4/5
    The sort of game-ender you should be looking for at around this price. Perfectly playable.

    Thoughtflare 2/5
    Gaining one card is not worth 5 mana. Maybe if you have some Guttersnipes, some Goblin Electromancers, but far too expensive for what it does.

    Treasured Find 3/5
    Recollect - another thing I don't like in limited. It could work out, but I wouldn't worry about it.

    Trestle Troll 3/5
    Blocker is blocker. You can do better, you can do worse.

    Trostani, Selesnya's Voice 4.5/5
    Wheeee game winning bombs.

    Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage 4/5
    Play it, next.

    Vraska the Unseen 5/5
    Do you even need me to tell you that this is good?

    Wayfaring Temple 3.5/5
    Needs to be built around to be any good at all. But when it is, it is ball-bustingly incredible.

    Azor's Elocutors 3/5
    The ability is never going to happen. But you can do worse than a 3/5 for 5.

    Blistercoil Weird 3/5
    A fair one-drop. Another one that depends massively on the deck, but it should work out pretty well in any deck that can cast it simply due to its bluffing potential.

    Cryptborn Horror 3.5/5
    The problem with this is that for it to be worth the cost, you need to already be winning. That said, it's good for pulling even further ahead, making it hard for your opponent to get back into the game.

    Deathrite Shaman 3/5
    Amazing in constructed, but not so good in limited. Might gain you a bit of life here and there, but in most cases it'll just be a dork.

    Dryad Militant 3.5/5
    Another dork, but quite an aggressive one. The ability doesn't exist, and it will be quickly outclassed by bigger and better creatures.

    Frostburn Weird 4/5
    Being anything you need it to be for a mere two mana is freaking incredible. A blocker to hold off all the one or two-toughness jerks, or trading with four and five drops? Yes.

    Golgari Longlegs 3.5/5
    Big fat stompy vanilla guy, next.

    Growing Ranks 4/5
    Another one that needs a deck built around it. But built right, this will get out of control fast.

    Judge's Familiar 3.5/5
    Usually just an evasive weenie. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    Niv-Magus Elemental 3.5/5
    The ability will usually never do anything. But it's more incentive to play other good stuff, and it turns late-game nothings into permanent boosts. I'd need to test this out some.

    Rakdos Cackler 3/5
    Like Dryad Militant, it'd be too easily outclassed. And being an uncommon that's only good in the early game? That's never good in limited.

    Rakdos Shred-Freak 3/5
    Aggressive vanilla guy, next.

    Slitherhead 3.5/5
    There are worse deals for 1 mana than to chump block something and give something else a slight boost for just one mana. I'd play it.

    Sundering Growth 3.5/5
    I always like to include at least one Disenchant effect - it'll nearly always have a target. And consider all the bomb enchantments running around - Growing Ranks, Martial Law, Grave Betrayal, Death's Presence, Detention Sphere, need I go on?

    Vassal Soul 3.5/5
    Fair evasive guy, nothing more.
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    Default Re: A Dragon's-Eye View of Return to Ravnica Limited

    The Keyrunes 3.5/5
    The Keyruens are all of a muchness, so I'm just going to lump them together as one. They're all good. Colourless fixing, and decent creatures when you need them.

    Chromatic Lantern 3.5/5
    The ultimate fixer. You never need to worry about colours again. And ramp, at that. Not so sure about its value in a two-colour deck, but if you're even splashing a third, go for it.

    Civic Saber 3/5
    This is another card that depends greatly on the deck. Bonesplitter was amazing in its time. If you can make this a Bonesplitter on a regular basis, go for it. If the majority of your creatures are mono-coloured, it's not really worth the card.

    Codex Shredder 3/5
    As I said, I'm not the biggest fan of Recollect effects. That said, I'm very curious as to how this would work out, so I might have to try it a bit and see.

    Pithing Needle 2/5
    Kind of okay if your opponent has a planeswalker or some other bomb with an activated ability (Mercurial Chemister comes to mind), but otherwise it's just a waste.

    Street Sweeper 3/5
    Its ability might on occasion do something, but it's really just a big fat guy. And as I've said, big fat guys are good.

    Tablet of the Guilds 1.5/5
    Angel's Feather and pals are bad. This is no better. Maybe, just maybe, if you have a bunch of two-colour spells and you're playing a particularly aggressive deck, but otherwise leave it behind and don't look back.

    Volatile Rig /5
    This one's very weird, and I have no idea what to make of it. The End.

    Grove of the Guardian 4/5
    Early mana when you need it, big fat fatty when you don't. And wouldn't it be a shame if you populated that 8/8 token a few times...

    Rogue's Passage 3.5/5
    Lands that do extra things are awesome. Letting your biggest guy (or smallest Steal of Secrets) get through reliably is the tits.

    Transguil Promenade 3/5
    The amount of tempo this sets you back is really quite amazing. Only play it if you're solidly in three colours, or if you're splashing a third and have no other way of supporting it.
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    Default Re: A Dragon's-Eye View of Return to Ravnica Limited

    I'm really digging the power level of Selesnya here especially, makes me really glad I'm going Selesnya at the Prerelease. That free Grove is gonna bash some butts.

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    Default Re: A Dragon's-Eye View of Return to Ravnica Limited


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    Default Re: A Dragon's-Eye View of Return to Ravnica Limited

    Selesnya does seem pretty good. I'm starting off with Izzet, myself.
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