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    Default 50 greatest mtg red cards

    what are the 50 greatest mtg red cards?

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    Default Re: 50 greatest mtg red cards

    in no particular order:

    fire balst
    lightning bolt
    empty the warrens
    burning wish
    wheel of fortune

    red elemental blast
    goblin lacky
    magma jet

    magus of the moon
    blood moon
    kird ape
    mogg fanatic
    shimian spirit guide

    grim lava mancer
    devastating dreams
    countrisede crusher
    goblin piledriver
    goblin warchive

    price of progress
    ancient grudge
    volcanic fallout
    shattering spree

    pyrostatic pillar
    sulforix vortex
    fire storm
    keldon marauders
    gathan raiders

    rite of flame
    seething song
    seismic assault
    goblin matrone
    goblin ringleader

    lava spike
    sige-gang commander
    gempalm incinerator

    goblin welder
    gorilla shaman
    goblin recruiter
    squee, goblin nabob

    worldgauger dragon
    tinstreat houligan
    flametoung kavu
    rack and ruin

    yeah only 1 dragon in that lis and that will never even attack or your playing it in a way that does not unlock its actual power

    big creatures are not at the top of the food chain ^^



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