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    Default elder dragon highlander generals

    what does elder dragon highlander generals mean?

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    Default Re: elder dragon highlander generals

    elder dragon highlander or EDH is a play variant. you play with a deck of 99 card and can play each card other than basic lands only once. in addition to your deck you have 1 legendary creature who is your general. the generals mana cost define what colors you're allowed to play in your deck. he starts in the so called command zone. you can play your general from your command zone. everytime you play him from the command zoen put a counter on him. playing your general cost 2 colorless mana more for each such counter. if your general would be put in a graveyard or exiled you may move him to the command zome instead.

    in EDH players start with 40 life. however if any player has been deal 21 damage from any single general he/she looses. this is called general damage.



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