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    Default magic entomb combo

    whats a good combo for entomb

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    Default Re: magic entomb combo

    Entomb + Worldgorger Dragon + Animate Dead is the one that was played vintage. throw in any land that can make a black mana, a dark ritual, any mox (though if the land does not produce red the mox has to), a second entomb and as target for the second entomb a sivan hellkite and you kill on turn 1. the starting hhand looks like this: land, mox, ritual, 2 x entomb, animate dead. so you still have 1 card left in hand ^^.

    here's how it works: you reanimate the worldgourger with the enchantment (its important that you usen an enchantment reanimation spell). gourger enters play removeing all you permanent. that includes the enchantment, so gourger dies. the returns everything (and the land and mox will be untapped). the enchantment is looking for a target and tries to grab gourger. in respons to that you can draw mana from your land and mox. now the gourger is reanimated and you made 2 mana. repeat as many times as you feel like makeing more mana with every loop. its important that you have a diffrent creature in your graveyard or you cant stop the loop and the game will be a draw. so lets say you made 1 bilion mana half of it red half of it any color. you now target the hellkite with the enchantment and reanimate him. now you can shoot half a billion damage at everyone and everything. simple right ?

    entomb can also be played in any other reanimation strategy. or to get a genesis into your grave etc.



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