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    Default good mill cards magic

    What mill cards are considered good

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    Default Re: good mill cards magic

    usualy mill is not even considerd good at all. why ? because when you play mill you opponent starts with 53 life. well not exactly but you have to mill 53 cards after he draws his inital hand opposed to haveing to reduce 20 life. so a lightning bolt does 3 damage. for a mill spell to do compairable amounts of "damage" to your opponents library it would have to mill 8 cards. ohh and than it can still not get rid of creatures. and it better do all that for 1 mana at instant speed. when you break it up like that then there are absolutely no millcards that can compeat with stupidly boring burn cards. tomescour from M10 only mills 5 for 1 mana cant get rid of creatures and is not instant speed ... shock is better than that ...

    all that said mill is still somewhat playable because its blue. that gives you incredably good support spells to your subpar mill spells. counterspells are among THE most powerful tools in magic. in general when you evalute mill cards than you want to mill at least 10 with a single spell.

    take a look here for a current mill list by twanos:

    discard 30 cards library mtg



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