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    Default Price for a spares folder?

    Thinking about selling off a spare's folder and was wondering what a fair offer would be? I know i could price it out by star city but for some reason cradles and mistys have exploded in price over the last few months, at least compared to when i was buying them 6 to 12 months ago. Haven't listed everything, just the cards that stood out as i was going through it, the others are around the $5 mark.
    Hoping to get a playset of beta berserk, revised tropical islands and FBB savannah's out of this folder if i sell it, would that be realistic?

    Foils - 57

    Notable Foils

    Heritage Druid UC
    Street Wraith x2, 1 Future Sight, 1 MM UC
    Bridge from Below MM R
    Arcbound Ravager MM R
    Urza's Tower 9th UC
    Noble Hierarch x2 Judge Foil
    Mountain Zendikar Full Art

    Non Foils - 193


    Path to Exile x3, 1x Conflux, 2x MM UC
    Kitchen Finks, MM UC
    Lightning Helix x2, 1x Ravnica, 1x MM UC
    Aether Vial, Darksteel UC
    Food Chain, Mercadian Masques R
    Exploration, Urza's Saga R
    Glimpse of Nature, COK R
    Bribery, 8th R
    Sliver Legion, Future Sight R
    Sliver Queen, Stronghold R
    Sliver Overlord, Scourge R
    Chalice of the Void x2, Mirrodin R
    Engineered Explosives x2, MM R
    Chrome Mox, Mirrodin R
    Kiki Jiki Mirror Breaker x2, 1 COK R, 1 MM Mythic
    Noble Hierarch x2, Conflux R
    Spellskite x3, New Phyrexia R
    Through the Breach x3, COK R
    Gifts Ungiven x4, 1 MM, 3 COK R
    Consecrated Sphinx, Mirrodin Besieged Mythic
    Dark Confidant, MM Mythic
    Sword of Feast and Famine, Mirrodin Besieged Mythic
    Sword of Body and Mind, Scars of Mirrodin Mythic
    Wurmcoil Engine, Scars of Mirrodin Mythic
    Emrakul, Rise of Eldrazi Mythic
    Kozilek, Rise of Eldrazi Mythic
    Ulamog, Rise of Eldrazi Mythic
    All is Dust, Rise of Eldrazi Mythic
    Voice of Resurgence, Dragons Maze Mythic

    Notable Land

    Gaea's Cradle, Urza's Saga
    Badlands, Revised
    Plateau, Revised
    Savannah, German White Border
    Grove of the Burnwillows, Future Sight
    Verdant Catacombs x5, Zendikar
    Misty Rainforest x3, Zendikar
    Scalding Tarn x3, Zendikar
    Arid Messa, Zendikar
    Watery Grave x3, 1 Ravnica, 2 Gatecrash
    Godless Shrine x2, 1 Guildpact, 1 Gatecrash
    Steam Vents x4, 1 Guildpact, 3 RTR
    Sacred Foundry x3, 1 Ravnica, 2 Gatecrash
    Overgrown Tomb x2, RTR
    Temple Garden x3, RTR
    Breeding Pool x4, 1 Dissension, 3 Gatecrash
    Inkmoth Nexus x4, Mirrodin Besieged
    Swamp x 15, Unhinged


    Sliver x9

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    Default Re: Price for a spares folder?

    Mistys and Cradles are worth a lot because of how much they're played, they went up for a reason. Most people sell by Starcity prices.

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    Default Re: Price for a spares folder?

    It really depends on how quickly you want the items to sell vs how much value you want to get from them. Also if you are selling them in bulk or breaking them out individually over time.

    If you sell them in bulk your price goes down dramatically because you need someone with that level of money, that is willing to spend it on magic cards, and doesn't already have them. Hence, you will end up selling them for about 30% below low SCG prices is you want it to sell quickly and you might get 10% below low if you're willing to let it take time (months).

    If you break them up you will get alot more value on your top end cards but next to nothing on the lower end. On the top end you can expect to get SCG medium to low in a fairly quick sell or over time medium to high. On the lower end cards though IF you find a buyer at all it will most likely be for less than half of low SCG.

    As with most things in life there are several variable to consider but I hope this helps.



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