check out these auctions for eye of ugin up to like a month ago:

***4x Eye of Ugin*** MTG Worldwake WW MINT - eBay (item 350314487397 end time Feb-14-10 16:29:26 PST)

EYE OF UGIN X4 WORLDWAKE MAGIC CARD PLAYSET MTG MYTHIC - eBay (item 220556266315 end time Feb-23-10 19:22:00 PST)

playset of eye of ugin went for around $12 so like 3 bucks a piece

but here are some auctions from ebay today:

MTG 4x Worldwake, EYE OF UGIN MINT - eBay (item 120535527982 end time Mar-03-10 05:11:10 PST)

EYE OF UGIN x4 NM-Mint - MTG Magic Eldrazi 4 4x Playset - eBay (item 250589574972 end time Mar-31-10 20:35:30 PDT)

they are getting sold for like $60 now