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    Default magic the gathering how to play with ally

    how do u play with allies in magic the gathering

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    Default Re: magic the gathering how to play with ally

    Ally creatures are all based on their abilities that trigger when another one enters the battlefield...Allies make for a very well rounded deck because the abilities that they all have are from previous MTG cards...gaining life, dealing damage, untaping creatures and then those creatures gaining haste, destroying artifacts, decking, etc...Ally creatures in my opinion make it so that you don't have to go and look for all of those sorceries/instants/enchantments and therefore can simply use all the Ally creatures to do things that all those sorceries/instants/enchantments would have done...

    I had (but not anymore) a five color Ally deck...it was very well rounded...basically, whenever another Ally comes out, you are able to do a multitude of things, right? Playing with a five color deck and having an Ally entering the battlefield under your control while having a bunch of Allies already under your control and having all of those abilities being triggered is the equivalent of casting a bunch of sorceries/instants at the same time...



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